re: Got a "TypeError: 'get peerIdentity'" in EmberJS and not in Svelte. Do you know why? VIEW POST

re: Hello again! Just tried (couldn't wait until the night) and your approach worked. Still the error happens but the component doesn't stop working. ...

Would it be possible for you to share a gist of what you had tried?

In the components where the importing was failing I did:

-const Video = Twilio.Video;
+import * as Video from 'twilio-video/dist/twilio-video';

And then kept using the library as normal.

And which method are you trying to use? Is it possible to share a github gist?

I tried this, and without the util imported in the component, things seem to work for me. I'm trying this in Ember 3.17+ app. Maybe something in the util is causing this issue?

Interesting 🤔. Gonna give it a try.

Sure, let me know how it goes :)

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