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Discussion on: Maybe discuss tag could modify posts to become real time discussions?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

I think I remember the live chat feature. Or was it more like a private message? I think it could be helpful if bought back, even at a restricted scope.

I like the how the DEV has evolved into a really good platform for community to come together.
Other than better search options, Only thing on my wishlist for this is to have a basic emoji picker integrated with the editor. 🥺
I used to use a gnome-shell extension for adding emoji to messages here, but that extension is now incompatible with gnome-42. Currently uLauncher has a good emoji plugin, if you know what emoji you want to use, but something similar to android or skype integrated directly to editor would be really cool.

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Adam Crockett Author

Oh no, the struggles of Linux desktops are real! I am a max user these days, we have emoji picker from the... Touch bar urgh

Anyway maybe make a post with every emoji to paste i