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Discussion on: Why I can't spell but I CAN code

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Ohh, I was talking about our parents generation in general. They don't believe in psychological conditions in kids. Only after a movie about dyslexia, which came out about 10 years ago, they became aware of that. A lot of their generation still prefer denial over consultation.

My parents were strict, but very supportive. Infact it was them who endured society when we barely passed exams simply because we had really bad handwriting and too many spelling mistakes. Yes they made us do our homework twice to improve our hand. I filled kindergarden handwriting books even in college days. But now I have a home and only issue they have with me is that I am unmarried. :D

This site is amazing. I love it. The customizability is my favourite feature of this site. And being open source is just icing on cake. I have actually enjoyed going through the code on github. Its better than medium even if it didn't had paywall.