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Discussion on: Would you mentor someone 5 min. a day?

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Hi Adrian !!!

You written very well. I like the way you write the article.

Your article's heading is come with a lot of different question which have a unique meaning . I like that .
First of all learning is self exploration process now how ?
Every body in this universe have a different level of IQ , the way of understanding things , a and everyone has their own way to tackle with a problem . Sometime a task for you which is easy that same task may be hard or so hard to do or understand. Because everyone have their own way to catch things or you can say they accept things in a different way. So you understand fast than others then means the way you learn is more efficient than other's method.
And i will be mentor for 5 min to help someone then Yes i will . And try to explain things in the way he things. that's all .
So if feel ever demotivate or frustrated or stuck on any problem then start exploring yourself where you wrong or mind not able to get that idea . And some times interest matters.
That's all.

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Adrian Skar Author

Hi abhishekalbert, thank you for your support!
I recon self-exploration and trying to get some distance from the problem itself can prove highly helpful when you're struggling too.
I guess sometimes you don't need a mentor but, at the same time, I often hear about how necessary or helpful it was for many.