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Concept of a New Smart City: India Part-1


  1. Introduction
  2. Implementation Goal
  3. Overall Description
  4. Overloading Problem

1. Introduction

As our technology getting his pace our daily life works made easy and we are moving more towards the automated world. You are thinking about what is Sow Zeal then in simple and single word we can say is “save energy”. Actually, our idea is an upgraded form of smart street light based on IoT (Internet of things). With the help of this idea we can save energy in a more efficient form, we can generate and able to store, we can increase our home security, and able to know the vehicle is overloaded or not.

1.1 Purpose

As we all know in our country India uses natural resources instead of non-natural resources.
To produce electricity India depends on 40% on Natural resources and about 10% on like nuclear energies while in other countries like the US they use 40% Nuclear and 10% natural resources like coal. And we all know as time passes natural resources also reduces and in the upcoming 30 to 40 years we do not have natural resources while the US has enough coal to produce enough electricity for his people for the next 30-40 years from when coal does not exist in this world.
So, the main purpose of this project is to save more energy as we can.

1.2 Overview

In section 1.3 i.e. Environmental Characteristics, As we are talking about saving energy but to save one thing we can’t destroy others like Environment so in this one we going to talk about how we can use our other projects like with the help of solar we can save energy for lights etc.
In section 2 i.e. Implementation Goal, we will talk about where we can use this concept.
In section 3 i.e. Overall Description, in this section, we will talk about our idea i.e. what is the idea, how we can implement, etc.
In section 4 i.e. Pros and Cons, in this what are the benefits of using this concept. In section 5 i.e. a well-named process or workflow diagram.

1.3. Environmental Characteristics

As firstly I said we are talking about saving energy does not refer that we start damaging our environment. Because without an environment there is no life so talking about saving energy is worthless. So now the point is how are we gonna save the environment?

To save the environment we can use pre-defined concepts that is fist save energy then reuse it. Now there are so many ways in which we can save energy i.e. we can use the solar panel to store electricity and we can use in the night.
As I mentioned we will also gonna tackle the problem of which vehicle is overloaded which is not for that we have to measure pressure on tiers for that we can use piezoelectric sensors which can transform pressure due to vehicles into electrical energy and can store and reuse it in the night.

2. Implementation Goal

Now the point is where we can use these concepts?
We can use these concepts in high metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. Not even in high metro cities even we can use in small cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad, etc.
Only in these areas, the concepts will be beneficial because these areas have a high consumption of electricity. And also have security problem especially cities like Delhi and Allahabad.
We are considering because in villages where roads are in the worst condition even does not exist how would you think there will be an electric poll.
Even they do not get 18 hrs of electricity. That’s why we did not include this type of area. We can use these concepts on highways too.

3. Overall Description

Now we come to our core idea how it’s all things gonna work i.e. his overall working process.

3.1 Smart Street Light: Power Saving at a huge rate.

If we talk about our basic main idea of smart street light is the street light system, in which lights on when needed and light-off when not needed. Currently, in the whole world, enormous electric energy is consumed by street lamps, which are automatically turn on when it becomes dark and automatically turn off when it becomes bright. This is a huge waste of energy in the whole world and should be changed. The lights turn on before pedestrians and vehicles come and turn off or reduce power when there is no one. It will be difficult for pedestrians and drivers of vehicles to distinguish our smart street lamps and the conventional street lights since our street lamps all turn on before they come. The present status and the future prospects of our smart start light project will be reviewed.

Source : Research Gate (<br>
262352965_Smart_street_light_system_with_energy_saving_function_based_on_the_sensor_network )

Source : Research Gate (<br>
262352965_Smart_street_light_system_with_energy_saving_function_based_on_the_sensor_network )

As you can see in the above 2 images they are showing how the idea works.
Now our concept is we will add something in this idea i.e. AI (Artificial Intelligence).

3.2 Security

As our technologies are getting higher privacy is the first focus Are we secure? As in small cities chain snatching or rape like cases also can increase so for that we will also have a solution. For that, we will use high-quality night AI cameras (with a vision of 360) who can detect the face of any person even at night.
Now the question is why night camera and how they work? They work in the following manner
First, we will set a camera range so he can detect faces in his range as 1st camera’s range is over then we will set another camera from that range to something another. In this way, we will set the camera at an electric pole. Now they work normally for all other cases but they will work differently in the case of the thief.
For theft cases, we will use an application that is verified by the Government through which we can access the camera and can set on our house. Below his step by step working process :

  1. First to access the camera you must have to be citizenship in that country.
  2. When you Sign Up first you have to give you a valid ID proof which will be verified by the government after that you will get access but for a specific time interval. As I said the camera will have a vision of 360 in this way he can track both street and house as well.
  3. Only one person have access for a house and if he is going out of station then he can pass his access to one of his family member with full detail.
  4. Person can access for a specific time of interval means to guard he has to give an interval of time. And the guard process will active only for nights, not for the day.
  5. If someone is going outside then he has to fill how many members are going to stay inside that house i.e. in case someone is going in-office party but his child of age 15-25 is going to stay then he has to fill all option with the picture.
  6. In case if an intruder jump inside that house then there will be 3 tasks happen 1st buzzer with a focus of red light on that house. 2nd will be a message automatically will send to the owner of the house as well as the near police station and 3rd will for instant action a message will send to a trusted person who is staying near to that house.

4. Overloading Problem

To tackle a problem like a vehicle overloading we will add sensors on speed breaker or on a section of road which will do 2 things at a time 1st he will measure pressure on tiers and with the help of that can able to detect overloaded vehicle and 2nd due to pressure we can generate electricity and store in a capacitor or we can charge the battery so in the night we can reuse it.
And with the help of an AI camera, we can detect the vehicle numbers of the overloaded vehicle and send them to the traffic police databases.

For now, I think it's enough. The rest will be in part-2 in which we will discuss some more advanced and critical parts of project.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

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