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Discussion on: The State of Operating Systems (Controversial I'm Sure)

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Abhishek Tripathi

Very aptly put. I think most developers would share a similar opinion for the desktop OS. I haven't used ChromeOS myself but I see your point.

For the last part, I have a different opinion. I was on the android boat until a year ago. I had similar philosophy where I wanted an ecosystem and choices which are available to everyone. However, I have moved on. I have gone back to iOS where I feel the ship is moving in the direction where users want it to. It comes at a premium, but my privacy is important. I don't want cheap unchecked apps intruding and stealing information I guard otherwise with utmost care. Android, however fond of it I may be, is full of apps having their sole mission to infiltrate you. The android phone I had was discarded by the manufacturer despite being perfectly capable hardware for modern android versions because they don't profit by keeping the old hardware alive. To pay their bills, they have to sell new phones. Apple still makes money from AppStore and has an incentive to keep the older phones updated if it can. I am now using an old iPhone7 which still receives the updates on day one along with other newer iPhones. It is older than my discarded android but I am at ease knowing if there is a vulnerability identified, I would receive a patch. I think the premium is justified if you plan to keep your device for the next 5 years.

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Tim Apple Author

Yeah, Android definitely has it's flaws still. This is where my perspective may be off also. I get a new phone almost every year, sometimes a used one, but my phones are never older than 2-3 years. I also stick to the only a couple brands.. Pixel or Oneplus. As far as the apps, I also don't install to much. Especially if it's third party. 90% of the stuff on my phone comes directly from google or microsoft.

In general, both ecosystems are great. I do admit you need a little more awareness when in Androids to make sure your safe.