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React Js google auth

Install react-google-login module
npm install react-google-login

step 2 :
Open Google developers console

Create new project
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Enter The Project Name
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Select you project -> Dashboard

select OAuth in the left side menu
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Creating OAuth Credentials:
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  1. Enter Project name and select you gmail id

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  2. Add your add domain for react add (https://localhost:3000)
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Now You can see the credentials in the dashboard
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Setting Up in react

         clientId={props.authid} // provide your clint id here
         render={(renderProps) => (
             class="bi bi-google btn btn-dark"
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const responseGoogle = (e) => {
   console.log(e.profileObj) //Data Of the User logged in
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that's it you have successfully created an clint side google auth now you can use the data to store it into your backend and use it like normal JWT authentication.

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