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Tbh I see this synthax way worse then the old one. But it should be my bias...


I completely respect your opinion. I'm curious to know what you don't like about it though!


Well I started using c++ a lot of years ago and I've never found the new auto/for stuff really terse. When I say I prefer the old synthax I mean that in c++ I always iterate over indeces 'for(int i...)'.
Other languages are different. I heavily use 'array.map()' in JS, or a ton of 'foreach' in .net, and analogous constructs in Python.
But c++... No they have added more noise to my eyes. It is a matter of taste, nothing really technical: just taste.

The same goes with the whole pointer stuff. Ok, smart pointer are a thing. But when I code with pointers I prefer to stay low level... It chrushes my mind to understand all the cool new stuff and I end adding more bugs!

Let consider that nowdays I use c++ for hi perf computations only (machine vision) so the context can also add bias...

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