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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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Abdessamad MOUHASSINE • Edited

Hello David,

Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings about the usage of web frameworks.

I've noticed recently, that web frameworks become a new life style in web development. Tutorials, dev camps, cons, everywhere we talk about them. Corporations and sponsors promote the usage of frameworks and their whole ecosystem, and attract developers, mostly beginners, in my opinion, for one reason : "Sales".

But, as a developer, novice or expert, or as a team, do we really need web frameworks for our projects? I don't think so.

Web frameworks give you "wings", like red bull, but enforce you a specific way of how "to fly". They are useful for rapid application development (aka RAD). It's a double-edged tool to use with caution.

We are missing solid and robust libraries to make the jobs done. That libraries handle simple issues, like cookie serialization, HTTP request parsing, middleware dispatching, etc, and let you mix them as you like and how you like.

An all-fit framework doesn't exist, and will never be.