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Liam Arbuckle-Hradecky for Signal Kinetics

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Taking a new design approach and welcoming two new members

Over the last two weeks, I've been meeting and interviewing several Perth-based programmers and designers looking to join the team at Signal Kinetics. I'm excited to be announcing two new teammembers, but first a lot has been going on at Signal kinetics so Iguess we'd better talk about that.

Like we've been planning to do for a while we intend to make our venture not only fun and innovating but also profitable. Immediately profitable. Due to this we've been expanding so that we can contine participating in our hackathous and creating our games as well as going into the commercial side of things. This includes freelancing and setting up an indie game development branch at Signal Kinetics. We've started the process of moving into a new studio and are still continuing with all of our old open-source projects, but now we have the capacity to make money as well, helping us support ourselves.

I've started learning different design techniques to be able to go from idea to fleshed-out concept much quicker than usual. usually I imagine in my head what I want to create and I just start coding. Oh, of course I look around for site inspiration on platforms like Envato, but I never use things like Adobe XD. At least, not until now. I've started the process of redesigning Our team's dashboard to have less reliance on external tools and Adobe XD is a major part of that design process.

In other news at Signal Kinetics, we've started preparations on a kickstarter to fund our opensource game engine. We've also opened up contact with satellite company Ambasat and the looks to be a fruitful venture.

Finally, I'm excited to announce our team's latest, and most promising recruit: Arthur Passos.


@everyone, please welcome our newest members:
@arthur Passos, our CIO (Chief Informations Officer) working with us (locally, Perth) on web apps, freelancing and a little bit of gaming. @elijah Gardi, our new CMO (Chief Media/Marketing Officer) working with us (locally, Perth) on game desgin and content creation. Eli's been working with us for a few months, while Arthur comes highly recommended from the beautiful facebook jobs database.

Arthur's joined as us our new Chief Informations Officer, where he'll be working alongside myself and the rest of the development team including Eli, Rishabh, and Edwin. Our first step is to move into our new studio and start attracting more clients.

stay safe, and we'll have more updates coming soon


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