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I'd love to give positive feedback because I do like simple solutions and when we can make things pretty, but honestly all you've done is made a terrible alternative for something you had to go out of your way to remove!

We have all these tools to style the scrollbar now to look great (which you've used to hide them) - let's use those instead of promoting anti-patterns that reduce accessibility, and make it more difficult for users to navigate. Let's not abuse scrollbar styling, forcing browser vendors to reduce the control we have so we don't ruin UX.

If you need a custom scrollbar for legacy browsers then I totally understand you need to replace it, maybe with a bit more thought than this simple implementation though. For modern browsers this isn't necessary, embrace browser scrollbar styling!


Scrollbars and scrolling are two things I refuse to touch. I utterly hate it when my scrolling is hijacked and it changes how scrolling behaves (like slower or with bounce). And I like the functionality of the scrollbar, use it often on my phone to quickly scroll up and down. I just tap and drag.


I mean scroll-jacking is absolutely horrible, it drives me a bit nuts how all of these websites that win awwwards and such all ruin the experience by removing native scrolling. People ignore how much of a basic accessibility problem it is too, a slight difference in scroll behaviour can make people feel uncomfortable and even motion sick using your website.

Scrollbars I will touch if what's needed is a custom scrollbar in legacy browsers, but only in the form of a well-regarded library with a lot of history that prioritises accessibility. I still don't like it as it's so unnecessary but at least I know it's not harming people in the process.

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