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re: Alternatively you could have used the ready-rolled NextCloudPi image? ownyourbits.com/downloads/ Guide: docs.nextcloudpi.com/en/how-to-ins...

Yeah I had considered that! I mentioned in the article that I tried one of their install scripts for Raspbian, which flopped spectacularly! Not a great first impression.
Plus, I was looking over their docs (including the page you linked), which are just straight up broken - they're not really bothering to render the markdown at all.
I appreciate what they're doing, but if they can't maintain a static website, should we trust them to maintain an entire operating system?


I believe you are confusing nexcloudpi with something else. Nexcloudpi is not available as a script. It is available as a modified raspbian image, a VM image or better yet as a docker image. For me the docker image is the better option. Installation requires only 2 command lines.
You should really try it out.
Oh and by the way it will solve your PHP memory problems - it handles it out of the box!

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