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re: I don't understand how you solve this statement: "The only downside of this approach is that whoever misses the daily does not get to hear other pe...

We're a small team of 6 developers sharing the same office space and we're sitting right next to each other, so finding teammates is not a problem at all. Those who miss the daily meeting share their updates by writing in Slack, most importantly, for our client to be up-to-date on our progress.

Does the individual just go around asking everyone their daily updates? If that's the case, why do they have to share it on Slack since they are going around talking to each person individually.

Not really. Besides daily absences not being that frequent, we, the devs, generally don't do have to do that because, except for task-specific details, are aware and contextualized with what everyone is doing. Devs missing a daily once in a while never proved to be problematic. However, our client has to be up to speed at all times.

Being physically close to each other enables us to reach out for one another without hassle whenever we have to sync or sort out any issue. As an example, ocasionally, I am tasked with work that has a relationship or dependency on someone's else work. Even if one of us misses the daily, we speak one-on-one throughout the day to check up on each other's work.

Of course, whatever works for us may not work for you or someone else's team.

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