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re: Well, apparently you've never tried something called Word online, which does everything you described better and easier.

Thank you for commenting and sharing your solution, Jack!

I have tried Google Document but never Word online. I thought Word online has the same user interface as Google Document and MS Word.

In fact, I am not good at MS Word's user interface, and I would like to manage my document as Ascii text as possible. .xlsx file is actually ZIP file so I cannot diff the changes and show history, so I am comfortable with HTML, Markdown or any ascii text.

As you said, Word online is better and easier solution. Definitely I agree :)
I actually would like to put my technical skills into practice, to create my resume and maintain the document with any stuff I learned. That was just for fun, but I found some benefit from Git management so shared it here! Thanks.


I understand your point, I just wanted to point out about Word online in case you didn't know about it.

Yeah thank you!

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