A Collection of Open Source Time Tracking Software

actiTIME on January 22, 2019

title: A Collection of Open Source Time Tracking Software published: true Measuring time spent on work has always been one of the simplest and m... [Read Full]
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Great list!

I also know about (and use) Clockify which has a great user interface. It makes it easy to track times with a project / task relation and also without. Also it is very convenient to track something that was already tracked once (same task / project / description).
It also has a mobile app (both android and ios).


Does any of them take screenshots and measure keyboard/mouse activity? Also, show apps and websites visited? I use TimeDoctor currently and that one does it all. It's so easy to get hourly jobs if I tell customers that they can check that I really worked on their tasks.


hey there, link for Kimai is broken

Broken link: v2.kimai.org/
Should be: kimai.org/

All goods!


Hello,awesome article, I am also using Elapseit which is an amazing tool for resource planning, time tracking and project management, if you want to find out more about it: elapseit.com/


dozillo.com is also another FREE option to help you easily schedule and track time across mutiple projects.

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