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Tell me about it. I've been a contract Drupal developer for 11 years (started on the tail end of Drupal 5).

Drupal 8 is awesome. I love it (thank you, Symfony!).

My first D8 job was taking over a project that was the most appalling hack. Clearly written by someone who was clueless about how D8 does things. The guy was using D6 techniques.

So I did my best, tried to move the site to proper D8 while doing all the fixes and new implementation work. Then I had to brief one of the permie Drupal staff on the site - this person was also completely clueless about D8.

"You know how the config works, right?" "Features?" "NO!"

"How about services? Controllers? Events and subscribers?" [Blank look]

(I did not lose my cool at the time, of course, but really?)

I take my job seriously but I was lucky to get the job at all, because "no Drupal 8 experience".


Yeah, we mostly look for D8 experience, but we'd also look at Symfony or other OO framework experience. I'm not the best interviewer, but I can usually spot when somebody's bullshitting his way through an interview. So if somebody knows the concepts that are important in D8 (Dependency injection anyone), they should be fine.

I hate when people don't know something and just start hacking instead of educating themselves. I work in an architect function now, so my development skills are waning, and I'm so happy I have a team of devs who have my back and are patient with my questions :)

It's a good thing you kept your cool and I'm glad you got that job. Keep on being patient and educating people, the programming world needs it :)

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