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Discussion on: ➕ Operator Overloading in JavaScript, yes you can!

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Adam Crockett Author

I'm afraid at that point in the article, I reached my limit of comprehension, my attention span crumbled into little pieces of biscuits 😎. I did stumble across a method using Proxy, I know the reality breaking power of Proxy, so I suspect it may be the way to go. If you try to solve this one, I would like to see the results. But I can tell you that NPM does have this problem solved in the form of a few packages, some compiling and some runtime, best of luck my friend

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At least it doesn't do any string operation. Another approach is to use either tagged-template-literal or JSX but it hit perf quite bad since it need to translate math ops that is in string into the real one (e.g "+" -> +). This is a big no for gamedev. The solution is to use babel-macro but it slow down the devserver since it depend on babel. I wish esbuild support macro or there is a go esbuild-plugin for this.
Sorry for the rambling. Best luck to us 😃