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1 hour a week, damn that's relatively a lot of time! I am a recovering tweaker, resist all temptation to do anything like this, the only thing I couldn't help. Change my PS1 to yellow with a branch name. Ultimately I have used a MacBook Pro for 2 years and I'm not impressed really anymore, I want something I don't have to change a trillion settings to feel productive. I'd better stay away from Linux then too.


One hour seems excessive, but it's sort of a hobby so I guess It doesn't seem as much from my POV (:
My shell is customized out of control, adding a branch name to the prompt is definitely a must on every system!
I might make another post specifically about shell customization.

I'd better stay away from Linux then too.

As a former Arch / Gentoo Linux user, if you don't have time to tweak the system, I completely agree :P

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