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re: It would probably take as much ram as KDE (sorry I didn't find a more up-to-date article) because of Electron, but thats it. No different than havi...

Well I was curious too so I tried nwjs and it appears to be much lighter. 72 off the bat, that gives me a little room to play with.

Npm or yarn could serve as a package manager as well. I wonder if I focus on a DE first it might turn into a full distro. One things for sure, I want to make this developer focused and get a community going.

I had some ideas about gtk as well, Broadway gtk 3 lets you run gtk apps in a browser, what if for backwards compatibility, I allowed webviews in a window that launched a gtk app. I'm this close to getting some Ubuntu core and trying to write a prototype.

In terms of terminals I really like your idea, if you release something when pipelines are a thing come back and show me. I had planned to use xterm.js or the aforementioned Broadway compatibility layer.

This project could be bloody interesting.

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