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CV / Resume - Is this okay?

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett ・1 min read

I have entered a sort of career identity crisis period in my life - I have lived and breathed UI development for years, I love where I work, so I am applying for an internal role but this will be a role going out to clients.

Can anyone take a look at 2.1 pages of CV and tell me if what I have written is enough to catch your eye.

I know the reality of the situation, a CV is not meant to tell you what I do, its meant to tick boxes, grab your attention and say yes I will have you in for interview.

Whats been changed? This years role has been added.


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Emma Goto 🍙 • Edited

I would probably fix up the formatting a little bit, e.g. this was all one line:

Client: Bath and North East Somerset Council Nov 2013 — Feb 2016 Projects:Headless Drupal Smart TV kiosks, Drupal Intranet.

Also I was a bit confused by this:

My last project with B&NES Council before closing my business was

Since this is the first time you mention having a business so I feel like it's lacking a bit of context.

(I'm not a recruiter so take this with a grain of salt, but I think the descriptions could probably also be condensed a little bit too. I think you can get it down to 2 pages).

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Gytis Ožiūnas

IMHO your résumé should fit in one page.

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Adam Crockett Author

I got the job with 3 pages 😎

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I've actually given workshops on building resumes and cv's. I'd be happy to talk you through my thoughts, DM if you'd like.

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Ricardo Sueiras

Happy to talk to you about this. DM me and let’s chat.

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