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Discussion on: Does your team write code tests for front-end code?

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Adam Brandizzi

Here at Liferay, we do test front-end, but that depends on some factors. For example, we have our own JavaScript framework and it is heavily tested (if I'm going to believe my colleagues there 😉). But most of our projects are portal apps, and those are not heavily tested on the front end. Personally, I write as much JavaScript unit tests as possible, and I hope the culture of unit testing for JavaScript flourishes.

Besides that, we have a long rich tradition on using end-to-end tests; indeed, unit and integration tests are a somewhat recent development! In this case, we have a nice XML-based language (POSHI) that uses Selenium under the cover. It is great (we get so many things that we would miss!) but those tests are quite slow. So, JS unit tests are still useful.