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Discussion on: Ideas about preserving history of "fixes" to problems you've encountered?

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Adam Brandizzi

That depends on what I'm trying to recall and how frequently I need it.

  1. If it is a terminal command, the shell history is more than enough. If it is a somewhat complicated command that I need too frequently, I create an alias or a script for it.

  2. When I depend on some code snippet too frequently, I tend to create a template for it in my editor or IDE.

  3. The code changes or patterns I have to recall, I find them in my version history. Indeed I consult it a lot!

  4. If it is an answer to a problem, I count with my browser history. (Indeed, I've got really frustrated when Firefox started to limit the history it saves.)

  5. Often, when I find a solution to a problem myself, I post the question in Stack Overflow (if it is acceptable there) and answer it myself. It tends to work very well, I frequently go back to my profile to look for those bookmarks.

  6. Very rarely, if I find a very good text, I add it to my Pinboard bookmarks.

  7. If it is some non-googleable stuff (intranet content, company policy etc.) and I keep consulting it, I bookmark it in Firefox and that is it.

Indeed, it appears I'm more Google-tolerant than most people :) I guess the main reason are the scripts and templates: most of my colleagues save them in text files but I'd rather have them as much automated as possible. It demands some patience at first but we get better at this when we practice it.

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Alexandra Wolfe

I like the idea of posting it as a question on StackOverflow. That way you're not just helping yourself out, but you're helping out many more people. Great idea :)