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It's awesome to see this insight. One question/quibble about the junior devs / parents analysis: it seems to assume that junior devs aren't parents. That might be generally true, but I'm guessing there is also a fair number of people with kids getting into software (e.g., career-changers like myself!).

Thanks as always!


While I don't have kids yet, I'm also a career-changer. I will likely change careers again (and again?!) after I start a family of my own.

I didn't mean to say that these are distinct, non-overlapping groups! Poor communication on my part if that's what comes across. The community could include junior devs, experienced devs with children, and/or junior devs with children. I don't share data to indicate what the break down is, but it is interesting that "Good for Junior Devs" and "Ideal for Parents" are both popular among members of the community, especially when compared to those from Hacker News (or Product Hunt).

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