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Discussion on: To the Stars with Quasar & Firebase - Email Authentication

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Adam Purdy Author

Hi Victor. I used phone auth a while back on another project. I did a few things differently with success by using the mounted lifecycle method to assign the reCaptcha to the Vue instance.

mounted () {
    this.recaptchaVerifier = this.$fb.recaptcha('phoneNumberSubmit')
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Also, based on your code it looks like your passing only a single argument in your authenticateUser call. Where your function signature is set up for two arguments. Try removing your object data structure and just pass the two arguments.

I did a couple of other things differently, but that might be what's holding you up. I have plans on releasing a phone auth article in the future once Quasar v2 gets out of beta. If you have any other problems feel free to come and find me in the Quasar discord. #firebase => @adam (EN/US)