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Discussion on: Q: How Much of "the Kotlin Way" Is the Right Way?

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Adam McNeilly

I think this is really important. I will die on the hill that Kotlin is more enjoyable to develop with compared to Java, but I don't think we need to reinvent the wheel just to do it "the Kotlin way".

A great example comes from my own experience at my current employer. We have a BaseActivity class that is in Java, that could be shortened a lot by switching to Kotlin. We would get null safety, we would be able to use a when instead of if/else, but we haven't converted the file.

We haven't converted it, because it works fine, and we rarely touch this file to begin with. If we reached a limitation in Java, or we found ourselves touching this file regularly to the point that we'd benefit from using Kotlin, that might be a different story. However, I feel that with this file and in some of the examples you're referencing yourself, that's just not the case.