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Hey, John! Really simple one to start haha - With so many years under your belt I imagine it's changed quite a few times but what stack do you work with in your current day to day? And do you still find joy in building side projects/toys or has it become somewhat of a meal ticket? Awesome you're doing this!


I've been doing AngularJS for the past few years with Redux and TypeScript in the mix as well. We recently changed from Gulp to webpack and the handwriting is on the wall for the lifespan of AngularJS so we're looking at what to transition to for the next five years. Angular is one possibility; though I did a video course on it for Packt Publishing and truthfully I didn't like it very much. I felt like all the things it was trying to do were rapidly being added to the browser and I didn't need Angular's wrapper for it. Another, IMHO better, solution would be Web Components possibly with Polymer, but I worry that's too big a transition from what we've been doing.

I still love, love, love development. People cringe at how fast moving it is now but I don't mind at all because it has all gotten so easy! It took forever to build anything in the old days because we didn't have free access to wonderful tools, cheap on-the-fly servers, or videos to teach us everything in no time. That's all made it lots of fun to do side projects like or or

I could quit my job tomorrow but there's no way I'd stop doing software for fun.

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