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re: Yeah. It's kind of cool ...just know that I ended up with a complaint-storm at my desk when I started offering up systems that had empty fstabs. =)...

Wouldn't systemd provide an implicit dependencies in this case ?

Sort of. Bot only in as much as you get from alphabetical ordering. E.g., if you have the layered-mounts /var (var.mount), /var/log (var-log.mount), and /var/log/audit var-log-audit.mount systemd should initiate them a few msec apart and — in that order — simply because of the service-directory's scan-order. That said, you open yourself to unexpected results and race-conditions by not over-specifying the dependencies. Which is to say, 99.999% of the time, things will work as expected, but there can be times where they don't and then you'll be pulling your hair out wondering why. ;)

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