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I strongly believe AdonisJS should be like No. 1 on this list. Good thing though is it made the list.

As far as I am concerned, it's my No. 1 for all times when it comes to JavaScript Frameworks


It’s such a great and easy to learn framework :)


Especially for developers who have been using Laravel. Adonis is inspired by Laravel, hence it is called Laravel of Node.js.
However, I am not sure about its maturity/stability, so I postpone to learn it further. But when it gets wide acceptance from the community, I will use it. Currently, I am considering Hapi.js to be my option.


Curious: what are the benefits of Adonis over Express.js? Would you consider switching existing Express projects to Adonis, or would it only make sense to start new projects from Adonis?


AdonisJs is battery included, comes with db setup, mail, mvc, testing utlities, you name it. It lets you focus on writing the application, so you don't have to focus much about building the architecture around it.

Thanks a lot, that makes sense. I prefer to compile those modules together myself, that tend to achieve maximum flexibility and gives you a better time if there appeared to be a better alternative on the market which needs to be included vs relying on framework devs to bring the support and define the migration path for it. Got very burnt on that with Sails and their ORM. Seems like Adonis is a good alternative to Sails in that regard, so if I need to pick ease of initial setup as a requirement for another project, Adonis would be a good candidate.

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