Have you tried out PHP programming with all symbols defined as unicode

Jitendra Adhikari on August 30, 2018

Here is one example using Devanagari: class लगर { const इन्फो = 'इन्फो'; public function लग(string $मेसेज, string $लेवल) { ... [Read Full]
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Just don't. Never.

It's a bad habit to use non-english names in any programming task. English is the standard and is clear on the naming convention.

Post censored because obviously stating that quality of code written by offshore developers is insulting, is racist.


dont worry i havent. no one has. or ever will. could you please edit your comment and remove the last paragraph (for reasons we all know)


You already did wrote such code. Above, in the post. And according to Murphys law, there will be an idiot, who will use non-ascii characters, as you proposed. It's irrelevant if it is your alphabet, russian bukhvas or those shitty slavic diacritics.

"trying out" and using for real stuffs is different, no?


Btw, it's been couple years since the name has changed, but T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM is still the example of not treating the job seriously.


It's possible to use this for obfuscation, however, I'd use hashing. People can't reverse easily that way. Isn't that the whole point?

You wouldn't want some to reverse engineer your obfuscated code. So ... why not make it so they can't?


true i'll use this idea to my php encoder software haha thanks !

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