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Discussion on: 2019 in Numbers

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Adi Sk Author

Hi Kody,

Since, I work out of my home, I have that flexibility.
I divide my day into 4 parts roughly.

  1. Get up early, intense work 3-4 hours.
  2. Brunch, a film, youtube and personal work, or rest.
  3. More work, no coding but things like client calls, research and other light stuff
  4. More personal time for hobbies, if possible another film, and dinner.

This has been my routine for over a year now, this keeps me motivated to work all day. That's how I could rack up 380 films.

Then again, this flexibility would not be possible without my family's support.

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Kody James Ague

Sounds like an excellent routine!!! I wonder if I could find 380 films to watch? 😁😁

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Adi Sk Author

I absolutely love films everything from the crap to the classics, that's also partly why I was able to watch so many and not go crazy.

Do try it, let us know how it goes.