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WhatsApp because is secure enough and because all of my friends have it.

If they really start putting advertising in it next year I hope I can convince enough people to migrate to Signal.

Messaging apps should be end to end encrypted by default ✌🏾


Signal ah, that's one messemger I don't hear about.


I don't think many people are on Signal but it's the most secure, and made by the team who invented the same e2e protocol that WhatsApp uses (also Messenger, Skype and Allo, but it's not on by default, which is the key)


I have gone over fully to only use Slack, Discord and IRC for my chatting needs.
I even set up a discord server for my family, where my siblings, father (haven't got mom to sign up yet!) wife and two of the kids (third one is just 3, so not using computer yet, hehe). Works great!

In some very special cases I use keybase for encrypted messaging, but that is only when sending passwords or other similar things.


My personal favorite is Telegram, I use it extensively, the one feature I cannot live without is the Bot.


Telegram is dope with bots and super group feature is a plus ✌🏿


Signal & Wire. Top notch crypto & run on most platforms.


Though Signal Desktop (Electron-based) won't run on FreeBSD because it has no ports for Electron.

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