re: I use both languages. Let's compare the two languages: Cross platform support: Java : Requires JRE/JVM to run. The JVM has been ported...

Thank you, Raunak!
I know that the question was Java vs. Python.
But I think that for web development, at least from my end, JavaScript is the top.
I don't know many people who still develop frontend with Java and Python.

Another point regarding Expressiveness, there are many languages that are built on top of the JVM and with a goal to reduce verboseness from the code.

What do you see from your end?
which JVM language do you use? ( if any :) )


In web development, I feel that familiarity with a framework (its strong points and pitfalls) often tops any language feature. I use Flask in Python for quick prototyping and Dropwizard in Java for production ready applications. I have heard good things about Express in Node.

Re JVM languages I am getting familiar with Kotlin. It has many good features like data classes, Sum types, pattern matching and coroutines.

In nearly any development, familiarity is king! If someone understands general principles of good software design, they can make good software in any language or framework they know well, whether that be Java, Python, C++, Haskell, or COBOL.

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