Discussion on: Why might a project/company use a monorepo?

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Adnan Ebrahimi

We start monorepo project recently.
our reasons is:

  • Manage multiple apps on a single repo
  • Use single node_module for multiple apps
  • Ability to use shared libraries across apps
  • Ability to build each apps separately
  • Ability to e2e test all apps together
  • Teams can manage their task more efficiently

  • What else i can say 😊 all best things comes together.

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Manda Putra

any guides on use single node modelus on multiple apps?

you just make a folder outside node modules then it magically requires the modules?

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Adnan Ebrahimi

Lol :))
No brother, I've use NX Workspace for Angular.

Nx generate monorepo style workspace with CLI.

BUT the monorepo design pattern is still the same as other approaches.

See this: