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Discussion on: Why do you use React?

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Adrian Bece

I love working with React. The reason is simple: it allows me to easily create whatever I like. It's powerful, extensible, and I can create simple apps really fast. I can easily connect to any API and play around with data or I can set up my own Firebase instance and play around. I can easily add delightful animations and micro-interactions.

Why use it over other build tools? No particular reason. You need to have a tool for every job. And I found React to be a great tool for a lot of the jobs. I simply learned to work with React first, I loved it and I keep going in order to master it. I never had the need to consider other tool or compare it to other tools. It's enough for whatever I'm doing.

The best way of learning it? Complete a simple free tutorial and find yourself a good personal project to work and experiment on. Maybe connect to an API and see what you can do with data.

For example, my music collection site was my first project and I've learned a lot while working on it:

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Nick Lewis Author

This is super! Thank you.

It's definitely something I want to look into, just not quite sure where to start! I shall try and find a good free tutorial and give it a shot.