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Discussion on: In a recession, who’s looking out for the open source maintainers?

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Adron Hall

I couldn't help but just add, "In a recession..." or how about at any point? Nobody is looking out for open source maintainers except for open source maintainers right?

At least, as an open source maintainer that sure is how things appear to be. I do so by ensuring I stay employed working on projects that align or are the actual open source projects themselves. For example, working at DataStax these days I get to work on a number of open source projects that we use, and work with other companies to use to great effect!

But yeah, doesn't seem like anybody out there is specifically looking out for us except ourselves. :)

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Donald Fischer Author

Adron, I agree that's too often true -- that open source developers often look after each other (and hopefully themselves!) but don't get enough support from those who rely on their software.

While it's great that standalone companies like DataStax exist for flagship open source projects, I'm super interested in developing new approaches that align the interests of open source producers and consumers that can apply to a much broader range of project types and sizes!

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