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Discussion on: Should we form a labor union?

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Anna Costalonga

I would very much be for it. I am in Europe and frankly I do not agree with what has been written in the comments above, that much is already covered by law.
That is not true. Let's take the blackmail of illegal questions in job interviews. Even if they are illegal, even if discrimination is a well established crime, both in European and US legislation, still employers are asking illegal questions and use discrimination against sex, origin and marital status. Technical interviews that do not have anything to do with the job itself, but are just an humiliation for candidate developers. Companies that are rejecting good developers only because they are older.
Companies that are rejecting good developers only because they do not hold a degree. And some will tell you that you are rejected because you dont hold a CS degree only at the end of all the 5 steps of the recruiting process.
Now, I ask myself: what do all these arbitrary criteria and rejections have to do with INNOVATION? I think on the contrary that exactly these malpractices are skimming off good candidates and prevent innovation.
I would thouroughly support a trade union for developers - it is needed now more than ever. The course of future now is that many developers' jobs are bound in less than 20 years to be replaced by robots, if we let employers do what they do and how they want.