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Hello Everyone,

Maybe I'll start showing my age to the younger generation here, but I'm a proud alum of the combined Murach (Book series), neighborhood libraries, Barnes & Nobles, etc... These were the pre Stack Overflow era and MySpace was not even a thing yet.

I gathered just enough knowledge to call myself as a webmaster and completed a few decent web projects with a PHP/MySQL in the backend and good old HTML and CSS in the frontend - man we thought tables for layout was a great hack.

I was pretty comfortable with my PHP stack and even started taking a deep dive into Zend ( the coolest thing in PHP until Laravel), but then an event of an apocalypse magnitude happened and shook me to the core as a developer: a client-side library named jQuery by John Resig entered the scene and changed everything.

Web development as we knew was never going to be the same. Just like a hopeless moth on a hot summer night, flying towards this mesmerizing glowing light in the dark night, I and Javascript have finally met and we were never to be parted again.

She has burned many a times, humbled me more than I can count, surely has shown me a range of colors but has always stayed true to our favorite flavor - vanilla.

Alright, the above is a perfect illustration of a failed novelist that has fully embraced his reconversion as JS developer. I love everything about it and I'm looking forward to keeping learning and sharing my passion for it.

I'm excited at the prospect that this community has to offer and I'm looking forward to being an active part in that vision.


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