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Hey Dan awesome post. As someone who creates content I honestly wanted to do hands on and I code without edits like I did in the meetups that I was running.
It unfortunately created long videos and looking at the analytics on YouTube people tend to drop at the 3 minute mark.
I ran an experiment where I took the same video and “perfected” it from 14mn to 3mn by taking out all the little problems and how I debugged and solved them and reposted it. The engagement went to the roof - views matter to a certain extent but engagement is the most important metric to worry about.
The funny thing is that a friend of mine who’s learning JavaScript told me he liked that format, that I was a true master and I made it look so easy. If only he knew that it was the tip of the iceberg and that the struggle was real. Even though I prepared and write that piece of code many times before recording the tutorial, I still struggled a lot while doing it in the long take.
Anyways long story short I feel like there is great value in live streaming if there is an audience for it and I will definitely give twicht a try soon enough.
It is just important to know that centuries ago craftsmen were disciple first and would sometimes operate for years under a master and were eager to maximize and take as much information and knowledge as possible.
I understand why you enjoy watching the highly skilled coders in their element because only a true master can be comfortable into exposing his/her flaws and turn them into valuable lessons for the eager disciple.
Thanks again for this masterpiece 😉


I will agree with most of that but i don't think you need to be a true master to live code. You just have to accept the fact that we all make mistakes and be ok with it. When you make a mistake talk it out and walk through the problem.

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