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  • Floppy disk to compile my C++ code
  • Tortoise SVN
  • Notepad (no syntax highlighting)
  • Netscape as a browser and IE6
  • Barnes & Nobles was Stack overflow
  • Circuit City was were the cool kids hung out and got their gears
  • Tables were the only way to control layout in HTML with some horrible CSS
  • Dreamweaver was the coolest shit since slice bread
  • ActionScript was how nerds did Flash
  • Flash
  • Napster (I don't want to get in trouble) let's say it was the premise for never ending playlists
  • The AOL DSL jingle and the famous "You've got mail"
  • Books
  • Java was the language of the web
  • CSS sprites when they first gained mainstream
  • YUI
  • Blogger
  • Google waves
  • Yahoo pipes
  • Hotmail - my first 'professional' email lol
  • Zend Framework for serious PHP dev
  • Phonegap as the first true HTML to mobile platform
  • jQuery mobile

Man plenty more I'm sure - it crazy going down the memory lane :)


YUI - OMG, someone else remembers that!


Yup way before Bootstrap and the likes


Tortoise SVN is still a thing! And now we have Tortoise Git, which I use daily. I actually find it faster to do merge conflict resolution and file diffing with Tortoise compared to the command line. :)


TortoiseHG is my life saviour.


Yes indeed but back then it was the only thing. I think it had one off the best diff tools associated with it. I just can’t remember the name.

Tortoise Merge is their diff utility. And yeah, I absolutely love it. Still use it on pretty much every single commit just to verify file changes.

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