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Discussion on: I Created a Responsive Portfolio Website Using Pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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It looks nice and clean. :) As Sarah wrote, I think that images of real projects would be better as people would be able to see the outcome of your work, not just the things that are "under the hood". I think it's important for a front-end dev work.

Also, I think if you're looking for customers who will hire you as a front-end, it would make more sense to have a button to your projects next to get in touch. Unless you care more about YT subscribers who want to learn, then this layout makes sense.

And in the sidebar I'd go for services first, then projects, videos, about me and contact - so customers can know what do you offer, what projects did you do and then how to contact you.

I've also created a portfolio website in pure HTML, CSS and JS and found this very satisfying, much more than using frameworks. :)

Great job and good luck with your work and YT channel!

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Chaoo Charles

Thank you so much for such a great comment. I will consider