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Discussion on: Tesla Pushes Out Dangerous Software Update, Bungles Rollback Attempt

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Aaron Eiche • Edited on

I recently ended a 7+ year career in the Automotive industry, working for a Automotive OEM. To me, Tesla's biggest blind spot comes from lack of experience as a car company. To outsiders, it seems like Tesla is light years ahead of competition. In reality, other car makers can match capabilities in terms of self-driving, but have been extremely hesitant to rollout the technology - where Tesla will throw it into vehicles before it's finished. The Automotive industry is one of the most heavily-regulated in the United States, and I continue to be appalled at what Elon Musk gets away with promising and delivering catastrophically - both from a product stand-point and from securities standpoint.

I don't want to dismiss the impact that Tesla has had on the industry - it's been great in terms of user experience, and having a new competitor enter the market. For what it's worth, I think Tesla is much further from Level 3 self-driving than they're trying to sell. I think the industry as a whole is at least a decade away from Level 4 - if ever.