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Discussion on: i want to be a Dev

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Temani Afif

In my opinion, reading a lot of tutorials and courses is not a great idea to learn web development. I advise you to practise more and read less. Define goals and try to achieve them.

Example of goals
[1] build a landing page about you (a kind of resume). Find some themes online and try to redo them alone (don't copy the code): You will learn the basic of coding (html, css)
[2] try to host that page online: You will learn about hosting & Co
[3] Now that you have something, try to improve it by adding more features (a slider, a gallery, a contact form, etc): You will deal with some JS and some backend language (I advise you PHP since it's the easiest one to start with. It's also easy to find a PHP hosting)
[4] Share your work with more experienced users to get some feedback about how to improve it (you will find a lot of free way to do this or very cheap ones like
[5] Build a blog section: You can try to install Wordpress (the most used CMS in the world)

and so ..

At each step/goal you will be obliged to search and read stuff to achieve what you want so you will learn & practise at the same time. The above is an example of goals so try to define yours, put deadlines and start coding ;)

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gus Author

thank you very much Temani! it's a great idea, I'll start doing that!

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James Sinkala

I second this, best way to go about learning web development. You can then learn about best practices and important concepts in individual languages when you already know how to use them, they will make more sense then.

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gus Author

thank you!!