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Discussion on: Stop using so many divs! An intro to semantic HTML

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Thanks for your response. Of course you are right about all of it, but roles and custom elements seem a little verbose, if not downright complicated for app design and scaffolding. HTML tags are so basic by comparison - you can write and read and understand them immediately. I'm not saying the web needs to be simple - heaven knows it's not, but there is something to be said for brevity when it can be had. In my HTML fantasy, there would be just a handful of common, handy tags for web applications and I would be universally heralded and financially rewarded for my contribution to humanity.

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Well that's the awesome thing about custom elements, once they're written, they are just HTML tags. The idea with them is to pass them around like any other library. So hey, give it a try, write that fantasy set of web app tags, share them around and get your fame!