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Discussion on: The Cloud Is the New OS - A Developer's Perspective

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Afzal Najam

Sorry but this view that we (developers or people) don't care where our data is and where our tools are is terrible for privacy and convenience.

1) if development and tools move to the cloud, well now you have to have internet to write even a single line of code. What if the internet is slow? Too bad. What if the provider is down, under attack (GitHub faces these almost every quarter)? Too bad.

2) All our data is moving to the cloud recently with no regard for encryption or privacy and we've been eating that up because "oh we love new things" but now we're understanding just how much data these big companies have gathered about us and how they're using it to influence us.

In a free market, there will always be winners and losers and if the last 20-40+ years have shown anything, it is that companies get too big to be held accountable.

We simply cannot hand the keys over for the building blocks of software (tools) to the cloud.

Testing, sure. Development, there better be an offline alternative at the very least.

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Esteban Hernández

I agree that development and some testing environments must be available offline. The internet will not be reliable enough to truly live on the cloud within our lifetime (or ever). And, yea, not only do companies abuse our data but the bigger the company, the more developers placing security risks near your data.