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Discussion on: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Deploying Your First Static Website to IPFS

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Helder S Ribeiro Author

Hi there, thanks for trying it out :) With the yarn global add command, what error message did you get? Do you have nodejs and yarn installed?

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needhelpjal • Edited on

Hi Helder - Me - I am the Complete Beginner - Please do not think I am having a go at you - But - Do I have nodejs and yarn installed? - No - Because your guide said - You don't need to know anything about IPFS or distributed nothing, not even static site generators. And no mention of having to install anything or how to install them? or what a terminal is and the app that you use in that said terminal? So there is a big bit missing for the Complete Beginner that is using win10 & MSDOS. Yes I do have ubuntu installed on another laptop only installed some months ago so I am still a compleat beginner in Linux - But if You are a teacher that welcomes construtive miss understanding as a cry for help, may be, we can help IPFS and Linux gather more users - as it is very bewildering after a Microsoft brain washed users like myself trys to break free. So please use me as your beata tester for your Guides