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Discussion on: Choosing a Linux distro

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Well, for someone new to Linux I would definitely recommend Antergos or Manjaro instead of Arch.

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Ikem Krueger

I tried Manjaro. I was constantly fixing the system, because of issues with packages. Was not fun. After that, I decided to opt-out for Manjaro and the like. That was years ago.

Three days back, I fixed a Manjaro of a friend. That took me half an hour to get the package management back to working.

You get the newest packages. You pay it with an unstable base. It is constantly destructing itself. I can't recommend Arch and the like for anyone.

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Not all rolling release distros are unstable. Solus OS, a fairly new rolling release Linux distro not based on anything, is quite stable.

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I have been using the GNU system with Linux for some years now, and for roughly a year I've been an Antergos user.

Prior to that, I had tried Manjaro, and prior to that, Linux Mint.

I switched to Linux Mint from Ubuntu, because I loved Cinnamon. I switched to Manjaro from Linux Mint, because I love the rolling release model (although Manjaro can't fully use that term).

I switched from Mint because I had full disk encryption, and a bug in the OS lost where my decryption key was located on the filesystem, ergo my system could never boot into my environment, and I lost everything. Needless to say, that's a pretty bad bug.

I switched to Manjaro w/ Cinnamon (Community Edition) because of rolling release. Back when '17, the Cinnamon CE gave me headaches from bugs... I couldn't stand it. So I decided to try Antergos, which is Arch w/ some preinstalled software PLUS with a GUI installer.

Antergos is very slick, and very flexible & powerful. I get all the benefits of Arch without any of the headache. Plus, I get a more true rolling release model than Manjaro. Also, the sponsors for Antergos are phenomenal (eg. JetBrains).

I highly recommend anyone, both beginner and experienced, to try Antergos. It uses the pacman tool which is very different from apt, BUT you get access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), which, for me, is the biggest benefit of the Arch family.

If anyone has any questions about Antergos, or how to use pacman, etc., feel free to contact me. :)