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Discussion on: What are the least expensive cloud providers at various levels of use?

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Jonathan Boudreau

I think the better place to start is to ask what sort of services do you want. There's a ton of options out there and its easier to look at options by cutting out providers that don't have the services you want. Do you want managed databases? Is it OK with you if they're proprietary databases (e.g., are you fine with using firebase / dynamodb / cosmosdb)? Do you want Kubernetes as a service? Or just infrastructure as a service?

I can recommend looking at some underdogs like linode or digitalocean which have a pretty good offering of services for the cost. Its very hard to calculate prices accurately because there's a lot of differences in how each provider bills you. For example digitalocean and azure give you the Kubernetes control plane for free, but with AWS you have to pay IIRC. There's also some gotchas with ELB compared to other load balancers.