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Discussion on: Do you start with frontend, backend, or both?

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Jonathan Boudreau

Having a better architecture is that one that fits better into your project, so if you're developing a serverless app you'll know how to take care of the desired and required software needs.

Building an application which is entirely serverless isn't the only use case.. IMO the best use case for serverless is when you have ad hock operations which need to be handled, such as indound emails, periodic jobs, etc. This is because these operations are short lived and don't necessarily need a server of up at all times.

These kinds of decisions affect how the code is implemented as well as the infrastructure costs. It is better to consider them sooner than later.

But wait... you know that serverless does not mean "without server" on a literal way, do you? xD

Yes I am aware.

As said 90183710273 times, DevOps is a blend of practices and not a job, some parts rely on Devs, some parts rely on Ops. I wrote a detailed post about that some time ago:

I am also aware of this. I did not speak of devops, I spoke of the infrastructure. Not thinking of the infrastructure as part of the development process is antithetic to devops.

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did you just avoid the context of "newcomers that start learning to code" another time?

Yes I've used "serverless" with Google Cloud Functions for example and yes it was about triggers when calls came into the switchboard on a specific company but... Holly cow! It seems an add to serverless more than a reliable comment about a topic. Please read the title of the post and understand the context where we are discussing in.

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The Sharp Ninja

I'm not convinced that anyone should ever plan on serverless as an architectural requirement. A more general pattern, such as Mini-Mon should be explored before making such a decision.

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Jonathan Boudreau

Nothing in your previous comments suggests "newcomers that start learning to code". You speak of working with teams and learning the development process, which sounds more like starting a your first company to me. I don't disagree that if you're starting to learn how to code, you should probably focus on that instead.