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Discussion on: Pitch me on Python

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Jonathan Boudreau

IMO the type system in Python is probably the best out of Python, Typescript and sorbet (Ruby). The platform is very mature - you can find a library for almost anything you want.

Its pretty much the defacto language for operations work. There is an operator framework for Kubernetes, you can write ansible modules with it, standard library provides good file and subprocess modules, etc.

If you want to write a bit of Rust here and there, you can do so easily with pyo3. The language is very good at binding to lower level ones.

Since the standard library is much larger, there is less dependency churn compared to NodeJs.

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Phil Ashby

Good point on the dependency churn, this also helps with security (of supply chain), and seems to be a result of the ethos, creating a managed change process (PEPs) that covers libraries as well as language.