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Discussion on: Adventures in TrailDB with millions of rows, Python and Go

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Jonathan Boudreau

What about running on pypy instead of cpython? Does it even run on pypy?

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rhymes Author

Excellent question, I didn't try at the time.

Apparently it does work! TrailDB uses ctypes which is compatible with pypy.

I've tried just now:

$ python --version
Python 2.7.13 (c925e7381036, Jun 05 2017, 20:53:58)
[PyPy 5.8.0 with GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 5.1 (clang-503.0.40)]

$ time python a.tdb
33.59s user 8.59s system 97% cpu 43.265 total

It's a little slower than CPython but it works, I think for this reason listed in

If all the time is spent in run-time libraries (i.e. in C functions), and not actually running Python code, the JIT compiler will not help.

Hope this helps!